Promoting the Art and Craft of Woodturning

Palm Beach County Woodturners


Individual or Group Classes are Available.  

Please contact Bruce or Tim for more information.  

Below is a sample of what you will learn:

Week 1-     Introduction-elements of the lathe,

                  Tools—definitions, sharpening.

                   Use of skew chisel, spindle gouge.

 Week 2-      Beads and coves, drawer pulls,  

                   Two piece candlestick

 Week 3-      Tool Handle- one for 3/8” skewjigouge,

                   Second one for ¼ “  point tool.

 Week 4-      Tool shaping by grinding.

                   Grinding and sharpening the point

                    tool and skewjigouge.

 Week 5-      Make an end grain box.

 Week 6&7-  Bowl-shaping and forming outside.

                   Cutting inside to uniform wall

                    thickness, finish cutting the base

 Week 8-      Bowl sanding, sealing and finishing.

                   Overall review.

Woodturning Classes

If you would like to have a personalized class with a professional wood turner Contact Lee Sky.

One On One with Lee Sky






Tim Rowe

West Palm Beach

Beginning to advance turning

Lee Sky

(954) 683-1406

Oakland Park

Beginning to advance turning

Carl Spinnler

Pompano Beach

Beginning to advance turning

Herbert Cohen

Palm Beach Gardens

Beginning turning

Tim Carter

Delray Beach, 

Lazy susans, hollow forms, working with burls and inlays

Bill Kruger


Basic Training, Skew, Turning

Mentors List

Members Only;  If you would like for a Professional Turner to help you.  Please E-mail those on the above list.

Scholarships are available for a member to take a class in woodturning at a specific locations.  The member will provide 2 demos for the club for the exchange of the scholarship.   


Become part of PBCW mentor program.  

If you are a beginner or someone who wants to advance in woodturning, become part of PBCW mentoring program. Contact Tim Rowe and he will partner you up with a mentor that will meet your current skills.  

Mentoring can take place at the Wednesday night  workshops or at a location and time more convenient for you.  You must be a member of PBCW Wood turners.

Two Current Locations for mentoring and building your skills:  Contact Tim Rowe or  Bruce Williams

Mentor Program

Beginning Woodturning Classes

The Beginning Woodturning classes is a set of four classes. Tuition is TBD. Class size is limited to X students.
If you are interested in taking a Beginning Woodturning class, Please contact Tim or Bruce.

Beginning Woodturning Classes

Date/Time - Class Title  -  Class Description

To Be Announced Turning 101 Woodturning Basics, Safety Overview, Spindle Turning

To Be Announced  Turning 102 Green Bowl Turning

To Be Announced  Turning 201 Candlestick and Base (spindle turning and faceplate turning); and possibly mallets

To Be Announced  Turning 202  Sanding and Finishing a bowl on the lathe